Installation of large format screens

At SONIMALAGA we are specialists in installing large format screens for the exterior and interior of buildings, commercial premises and audiovisual rooms. In addition, we take care of integrating audio and sound systems adapted to any type of installation.

Our technical-commercial team is in charge of identifying the best audiovisual solutions through the latest trends in audio and video engineering. Our large format screen installation services include:

  • Installation of multimedia screens
  • Installation of video wall screens
  • Installation of LED screens

Types of large format screens

Installation of video wall screens

A professional video wall installation can be very complicated if we take into account that it is not a simple device and that it may require specialized labor to get the most out of it.

This type of installation is made up of several superimposed mosaic-shaped screens joined together by panels of varying sizes so that it appears to be a single large screen.

Although video wall screens are very varied, they share certain characteristics:

  • They require the use of a controller to be able to reproduce the content on the projector screens.
  • They need a mechanism that allows content to be played on screens at a uniform level of quality. It is also possible to use an automatic calibration mechanism, but it is optional.
  • The panel or frame that holds the screens must have a minimum division that counteracts the pixelated effect.

What are video wall screens used for?

The video wall screens serve to achieve the effect of a large screen in environments with a large surface area or in spaces that simply need that extra size in large format screens; This is the case of some security and control rooms, digital advertisements in large stores and other projects.

Installation of LED screens

This type of large format screens are high luminosity, which allows them to be installed in places highly exposed to sunlight. Furthermore, thanks to their quality, they ensure that the quality of the content remains stable in outdoor spaces despite the weather.

What are LED screens used for?

As with video walls, LED screens also offer great versatility when it comes to places of use. Both in urban spaces of the so-called “smart cities” and on building facades, commercial premises, etc.

If you want to know more about the installation of large format screens or need advice on what type of equipment you need, do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals at SONIMALAGA.