Digital Signage

Digital signage or digital signane is a technological tool based on content management on smart screens, sometimes touch screens, that can be implemented in many ways in stores and shopping centers.

Advantages of Digital Signage

The real benefits for customers and companies of using digital signage are incalculable and there are currently many sectors that use this technology to improve the customer experience. Among its many advantages we find:

  • Self-service: In the current environment, digital signage systems allow complete information to be given to the user about a product and even allow self-service without having to check out. An example of this are the screens that are beginning to replace traditional movie ticket offices and that provide all the information about the movies, also allowing you to buy tickets.
  • Remote advertising: Screens can be used to play advertising or some type of corporate material remotely, from any device. This is something widely used in bus stops, shopping centers and even offices.
  • Cost savings: Digital signage can be a seemingly expensive investment, but the reality is that the initial cost of a device represents a final saving in printing and also adds dynamism to any space.
  • Entertainment: Another of its multiple functionalities is that it serves as entertainment in spaces where the lines can be long and tedious.
  • Measurement of results: Digital signage can be used to see how customers interact with the brand and where they focus their attention when making their purchases, making it a very useful tool for analyzing purchasing behavior.

Where can digital signage be installed?

There are many places where it is useful to install digital signage. Next, we will review the most common spaces and their usefulness:

Outdoor digital signage

Outdoor digital signage can be used in high traffic areas such as bus and train stop shelters. Their ideal size will depend on the space they occupy and the specific objective they have.

At SONIMALAGA we design and install outdoor digital signage for any space. Among our services you can find:

  • Outdoor LED screens.
  • Digital Signage System Integration.
  • Supports and Structures for LED screens.

Digital signage in stores

The retail sector is one of those that uses digital signage the most to increase the visibility of its business. The available options are very varied and consist of:

  • Videowall, Indoor and OutDoor (high luminosity).
  • Integration and implementation of digital signage software and hardware.
  • Information screens for columns, counters and shop windows.
  • Banners in vertical and horizontal format to display commercial information, images and videos.
  • “Ad Hoc” digital signage software training so that the client can update its contents.

Digital signage in restaurants and hotels

The hospitality sector also uses digital signage in order to increase customer autonomy and streamline orders.

  • Videowall configured according to the needs of each project: 3×3, 5×5, marker type (4 sides).
  • Structures for Videowall supports custom designed by our Audiovisual Engineering Department.
  • Integration of Digital Signage Solutions for Recreational spaces or the Hospitality Sector: Management of published content, broadcast of TV signals, etc.
  • Interactive floors.
  • Professional and Industrial Sound System.

Digital signage in shopping centers, museums and airports

In order to improve the flow of people in large areas such as shopping centers and museums, digital signage offers multiple advantages:

  • Information points, Tablets/iPads that provide information about stores and points of interest within any large surface.
  • Presentations on Interactive Screens to interact with the visitor.
  • Plan the Center’s communication by scheduling events and communications thanks to Digital Signage Solutions.
  • Videowall for Boarding Rooms and Information Points.
  • Integration and implementation of Digital Signage software for Videowall and Screen content management.

If you want to know more about digital signage or need advice on what type of equipment you need, do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals at SONIMALAGA.