Room automation

We design, integrate and install audiovisual systems for all types of presentations, communications and collaborations.

SONIMALAGA specializes in designing, installing and maintaining integrated audio, video and control systems for a wide variety of environments, including offices, classrooms, command centers, conference rooms, online training facilities, auditoriums, home theater design and much more.

Our audio, video and automation design and engineering capabilities are all in-house. We rarely use subcontractors, relying on a highly trained and qualified team to work with the best brands.

Installation of conference rooms or board rooms

Setting up conference rooms or meeting rooms is a more complex task than it seems. Although it may seem like something as simple as incorporating a table, a couple of chairs and a screen in a room, it is very important to set up the place in such a way that it meets the optimal conditions and the systems that best adapt to the needs of a formal meeting.

In addition, factors must be taken into account such as the space the room consists of, the average number of members who will participate, the conditioning and acoustic insulation, or the computer and audiovisual equipment.

Equipment of a meeting room

Each meeting room is different, although there are a series of elements that are common to every facility:

  • Appropriate chairs and tables: Meetings can last hours, so it is extremely important that the chairs and tables are, in addition to being visible from any angle, comfortable enough for attendees.
  • Room Temperature/Air Conditioning: Although it may seem secondary, the air conditioning of a room where audiovisual equipment is installed is very important. You must take into account the fact that the room is closed and isolated from the rest of the office and that the installed equipment can increase the temperature.
  • Sound equipment: The installed sound equipment must function according to the specific needs of the room and space. Integrating a sound system for a room with 5 attendees is not the same as 50.
  • Audiovisual projector or projection screens: The same happens with the audiovisual projector, which will depend on factors such as the size of the room, the number of attendees, the lighting and the time it will be on. It is recommended to use laser projectors if the device is going to be used for a long time.
  • Internet connection: Having a good internet connection is essential to hold any meeting. The devices will be connected to the Internet network and their proper functioning will depend closely on how fast and good the connection is. For meeting rooms, it is recommended to use a wired connection over a remote connection as it causes fewer problems.

Type of meeting rooms

Conference rooms generally come in the following types:

  • Circle-shaped conference room: Attendees sit in an “o” shape and have a panoramic view of everything.
  • Conference rooms in scale: Attendees are distributed in a row and in a staggered manner facing the direction of the projector.
  • U-shaped conference rooms: Perhaps these are the most common conference rooms. The chairs are distributed on a rectangular table that revolves around a projector.

Auditorium installation

SONIMALAGA offers complete installation services for auditorium equipment for companies, universities, schools and multipurpose spaces.

We understand the unique and demanding requirements that an auditorium needs, understanding that these spaces not only require high definition audio and video systems, but something even better, something cohesive.

We actively cross-cut technology and ideas from the boardroom, training rooms and video conferencing systems to bring the best to the auditorium.

All auditorium systems are individual in their specific needs, but the general objectives are the same. The speaker needs to interact with the audience and have tools available to visualize and communicate ideas and concepts. The audience must be able to see and hear the speaker clearly in order to assimilate the information and concepts.

If you want to know more about automation of audiovisual rooms or need advice on what type of equipment you need, do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals at SONIMALAGA.