About us

In 1990 we opted for the diversification of the business and the creation of the Professional Division, part of the company that specializes in the integration and design of audiovisual solutions aimed at providing service and advice for the business environment and for the home, working not only with SONY, but with several brands in the professional environment, depending on the solution the client needs.

The constant advancement of technology has required continuous research and training from day one. This spirit has meant that our technicians and salespeople have always been able to offer the best personalized advice to our clients, and their satisfaction is what has given us three decades of uninterrupted growth.

Your demand is our satisfaction.


Our Technical-Commercial Department identifies the specific needs of each client and satisfies them with market-leading solutions and products.

The experience of our professionals allows for optimization of times and the best results in the development, installation and completion of any audiovisual project, and therefore a more immediate amortization.

Digital Signage
  • Also known as Dynamic Advertising or Multimedia Digital Signage. Provides dynamic content through informative screens.
  • It allows you to program a network of screens installed in different commercial premises so that they show the same or different content. These solutions help to program the content of the campaigns planned for Christmas, Father’s or Mother’s Day, etc.
CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)
  • Installation of security systems based on video surveillance.
  • Connect to the cameras in your business or home through your mobile.
Training centers
  • Equipping classrooms with touch projection screens, short distance projection and sound.
  • Control of audiovisuals from an iPad/Tablet or Smartphone.
  • This control helps the maintenance of the facilities, since it allows, for example, all projectors to be turned off simultaneously, which would prevent wear and tear on lamps and equipment.
Audiovisual production centers
  • Design, development and integration of the entire audiovisual installation: virtual set and production system with multipurpose robotic cameras.
  • Installation of a corporeal set (with decoration) for the connection of triaxial cameras, lighting, etc.
  • Design and installation of lighting and dimmed control systems.
  • Installation and start-up of news management systems with journalist terminals.
  • File storage systems and issuance schedules.
  • Distribution and wiring of Intercom systems. It allows intercommunication between the television and radio production areas.
  • Design and installation of audio production studios with voice over booths.
  • Radio set with the possibility of connecting cameras to the control from the different realizations.
  • Studio equipment for radio podcast.
  • Acoustic isolation.
Teaching support control devices
  • So that a teacher can use audiovisual media intuitively.
  • Training of teachers or staff who will use the room.
Audio and video signal distribution
  • Installation of audio and video equipment to obtain maximum performance.
Public address system
  • Installation of public address systems in centers according to safety and evacuation regulations.
  • Sound distribution by zones and floors using UTP cabling, both for sound distribution and monitoring of power stages and speaker lines.
  • Control and management of messages with touch screen.
Audiovisual furniture
  • Custom design and manufacturing of furniture by the SONIMALAGA Engineering Department for the integration of audiovisual media.
Surgical broadcasts
  • Installation of audiovisual systems in operating rooms or training rooms.
  • These systems allow the intervention to be retransmitted from an operating room to an Auditorium or any external room in real time.
Conference rooms
  • Public address installations, projection systems and videoconferencing systems.
  • All audiovisual and technological means to get the most out of conferences, congresses or presentations.
Meeting rooms
  • Specific technology to increase the effectiveness of business meetings (both internal and external).
  • Video projectors, audio and video systems, videoconferencing systems and Android interactive screens, among others.
Multifunctional rooms
  • They allow the control of lighting and audio and video signals.
  • Independent or centralized control for several rooms through touch panels configured and programmed by our Engineering Department.
  • Control from a Smartphone or Tablet.
Assembly rooms
  • Equipping assembly halls with audio systems, High Definition video projection and spectacular lighting.
  • Advanced Control System with wireless touch screens to control all audiovisual devices.
  • Signal distribution through optical fiber and twisted pair to guarantee a stable signal and maximum definition.
  • Design and configuration of audio connection boxes.
  • High Power 7.1 sound system.
  • Wireless microphone system with antennas and booster to guarantee coverage in the venue.
  • Lighting control for both room and stage.
Home theater systems
  • Home equipment to enjoy an experience very similar to what can be felt in a traditional cinema thanks to great video and audio quality.
Video conferencing systems
  • Distances are no longer a problem with our Videoconferencing Systems that allow virtual meetings to be held between several people located in different locations or company headquarters.
Led Lighting and Control
  • Stage and decorative lighting system
  • With DMX programming with color and atmosphere changes according to uses and time.

We install audiovisual solutions and to do so we work with brands such as:

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